Toronto Raptors, The Giant Slayers

Newark, CA, June 7, 2019: I saw The Golden State Warriors bury Portland Trailblazers. They beat The Trailblazers 4 zip even without their star player, Kevin Durant. Then I heard people say that the team doesn’t need Durant. Then The Raptors won the Eastern Conference and were pitted against The Warriors. Before the finals started, I did a little research and found out that The Raptors had beaten The Warriors twice in the regular season: once in Oakland and once in Toronto. Then I started to doubt if The Warriors could outplay them. I didn’t get to see the entire first game. The Warriors won that one. I watched the second game and I deduced right away that fellow Californian Kawhi Leonard, fellow Cameroonian Pascal Siakam, fellow African Serge Ibaka partnered with Kyle Lowry, Fred VanVleet, Marc Gasol and Danny Green had a superior advantage over the 3-time champions.

Game 3 was a disaster for The Warriors. With both Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson out, The Warriors played like amateurs. All of them except their veteran scorer, Steph Curry. Steph made his historic playoffs score of 47 points. I believe he overexerted himself and that showed in Game 4, played only 2 days after Game 3. Curry looked exhausted and ended up with 27 points. The Warriors were equally inferior in Game 4, even though they played a little better than in Game 3. Curry missed most of his 3 pointers. Klay did better. As for Draymond Green, he was no good. His frustration stuck out. The Warriors, who had a 4-point advantage going into the second half, saw themselves trailing in double digits in the third and fourth quarters. In the end, they lost by as many as 13 points (92 to 105).

I knew all along, as I watched the game, that given their superior mastery and skillful possession of the ball and every opportunity they had, that The Raptors were going to win. The Warriors are now down one to three. The next game is in Toronto. I strongly believe that this year, based on their excellent display of talent and dexterity, The Raptors will be the champions and that will be one BIG national celebration. For the first-time ever, the only NBA team in Canada will be the winners of the coveted trophy and 25-year Cameroonian Pascal Siakam will be the first Cameroonian ever to win the NBA Championship, Serge Ibaka the first Congolese to win the NBA Crown. That’s a first and that’s history in triple digits.

What’s the take here for you and me?

1] Be The Best at What You Do

The Raptors won 1 game in their home turf and lost 1. Then they came to Oakland and beat The Warriors 2 zip hands down. I don’t think they won just because Kevin Durant didn’t play. After all, they still won even when Kevin scored a staggering 51 points in Toronto during the regular season. I watched the clip where Kevin submerged The Raptors but they still won the game. They beat The Warriors both at home and away, in spite of Durant. The fact that they demonstrated that unbeatable capability goes a long way to show that We Are The North have made up their minds to Make Canada Proud Again. We have to take our cue from their resolve to be the best at what they do

2] The KD Factor

Imagine how different the outcome could have been if Kevin Durant played. The guy is a shooting machine. He is tall, with the longest hands, the lankiest legs, the sharpest eyes. Sure enough that The Warriors swept The Trailblazers 4 zip. But they were no match against a better team with a razor-sharp eye on the trophy.


When The Warriors swept The Trailblazers without KD in the mix, people started speculating the future of Durant at The Warriors. Some felt that the team doesn’t need him to win. In fact, big mouth Draymond Green had that notorious altercation with KD on the pitch. Not having KD play against The Raptors really demonstrated that The Warriors need him more than he needs them.

Where you work, do they need you more than you need them or is it vice versa? Can you be so good that your employer, your colleagues, your clients need you more than you need them? Resolve to be extraordinarily good such that you are not dispensable, disposal. Become so good at what you do.  

3] Be A Team Player

Imagine having Durant, Curry and Thompson on the court supported by Green and Iguodala and imagine them play throughout the 48 minutes. No team can win when you have these 5 playing skillfully, yet selflessly. Strength is always in numbers and the strength of the wolf is always in the pack. Steph played indefatigably in Game 3 and scored a whopping 47 points, but The Warriors still lost. That happened because Klay wasn’t there and of course injured Durant could not play. The result: Steph overexerted himself and therefore wasn’t himself in Game 4.

The strength is in the pack. Are you a team player or are you prone to aloofness? We are social beings and the reason The Bay Area Economy is so good is because people from all over the world come here to work together to make our world better than yesterday. If we embody that team spirit, if we go to work with the undivided mindset to excel together, then we can go places. The same in true in every situation, any environment.

4] When You Succeed, The Whole World Conspires to See You Succeed Even More

I love sports even though I don’t remember the last time I played anything. What I know is that I really enjoy watching these young men play. In fact, because they are so good, they are set for life. I can foresee fellow Cameroonian Pascal Siakam commanding a monstrous $20,000,000 per year when he becomes a free agent next year. 27-year old Kawhi is paid $17,000,000 this season, and will get $50,000,000 per year if he decides to remain in Toronto. One restaurant owner has offered him a lifetime free dining at his posh eatery. In fact, Torontons and Canadians in general want him to stay so badly that I am sure they would be ready to elect him The Prime Ministry if he wanted that position right now. One real estate mogul, a Mr. Simon Mass, the CEO of The Condo Store Realty Inc. has offered Leonard a multi-million-dollar penthouse in beautiful Downtown Toronto even though the young man from Los Angeles already has a beautiful home in Toronto and an illustrious $13,000,000 home in his beloved hometown: Los Angeles.


Don’t envy the accolades and don’t demean yourself. Today is the beginning of the rest of your life. What’s your calling? Identify it and become the best at it. Be a team player given that no one is an island and there’s no such a thing as a self-made man or woman. You are what you are because people identify the greatness in you and help you become great.



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Now, get ready to watch the next Warriors/Raptors game on Monday. It will be exciting. Very exciting.