The real estate market has slowed down. This is great news for buyers. Now, you can even buy a home with no money out of your pocket. There are 4 programs you can avail yourself to: 1] GSFA Platinum. With this program you can get up to 5% of the 1st loan amount, which you can use towards your downpayment and/or closing costs. Hold on to the loan for 3 years and you will not have to pay a penny back 2] The second program is Calplus Combos. You get 3.5% down payment assistance and a third loan amount of up to 4% of the first loan. You get this second loan at 0% interest. The 3rd program is the USDA program. If you happen to live in rural or suburban America, you can now buy a home with zero $$$ coming out of your pocket.. It appears that the government wants to see people get out the urban areas by encouraging them to buy homes in less populated parts of the country. Unlike the last 2 programs, the USDA program places no restrictions on the loan and the purchase amount. Isn't that amazing? The last program is the VA No Money Down Program. If you have ever served in the US armed forces, one of the ways they reward you is offering you to buy a home with no money out of your pocket. Isn't that just wonderful? Now, if you or anyone you know are interested in learning more about these programs, please do not hesitate to contact me. Go to my mortgage company website and fill out the loan application. You can also call me at 510-203-9292 to chat about any of these excellent loan programs. This has been Paul LeJoy, Your Real Estate Wealth Coach.