Have you been to Newark lately? I have lived here since 2004 and never have I seen these many homes being built in this small city. BIG things are happening in this town. New Park Mall has received a HUGE $40,000,000 facelift. Between 2008 and 2014 only 8 homes were built in Newark, according to my good friend, Mayor Al Nagy. On the contrary, since 2014 over 4000 homes have been built. Cedar Lane in south Newark has 85 lovely townhomes. They have all been completed and sold. Timber Homes built a whole new subdivision of patio homes at the Cedar Blvd. and Central Ave area. Not to be outperformed, DR Horton has built 250 single family homes and condos along the Cedar and Mowry corridor. These new residents are just a walking distance to the mall. BJ's will no longer be the sole occupant of that area.

Newark's Mayor, Al Nagy, Welcomes You to Newark

West Central Newark is seeing more homes built than anywhere else in Newark. 4 builders are building relatively big single families near the bay off of Thornton and Willow. The developers are even building a hotel and senior housing. It's all happening in Newark. The city's proximity the trillion dollar behemoth, i.e. Facebook, makes it one of the most attractive destinations for the yuppies working for the likes of FB, Google, etc. These millennials can get a much better deal in Newark than they can on the Peninsula.  The only thing this city needs now is a Downtown. Give is a few more years and you will see one stretching 3 blogs along Thornton from Cherry to Sycamore.