The real estate market in Fremont, Newark, Union City and the rest of the Bay Area is gone crazy. Buyers and their agents are begging sellers and the listing agents. It's not uncommon to see houses sell in 2 days and if they sparkle, like ours do, then these homes get swamped and receive multiple offers, with 20, 30, 50% down or even cash. So, if you have been thinking of selling, cashing out and using that money to buy a home in a cheaper state or another part of California, now is the time to do so and it doesn't matter if it's Christmas or whatever. Call me today and I have a buyer for you. If your home looks shabby then we can do one of 2 things: 1] Help you fix it up so that you can sell it for top dollar 2] buy it from you AS IS and close in 7 days or less. Call now. My name is Paul LeJoy and I approve this message. Call now at 510-299-0093. Don't delay.