It's been a while since I sold a home in Union City. As the top broker selling bank-owned properties for Citi Mortgage in  Northern California, I remember selling at least 2 properties in this tiny city in the hey days of foreclosures. That was over 5 years ago. 

But lately, I was blessed by my good friend Boris Crespin who told me about the property he was working on in Union City. He'd let me see it once he was done with it. I went to Cameroon in July and when I came back, he showed me the place. It was ready for me to start marketing it. We staged it, took the best quality pictures, created a Facebook page for it and marketed it like crazy. We had over 160 people show up on Saturday and Sunday for the Open House. We received 11 offers and on Tuesday the sellers accepted one. No contingencies whatsoever. 

The neighbors across the street were so happy with us that they asked us to do the same thing for them: fix up their home and make it sparkle. We did and it also sold in 2 days with multiple offers. Read that story in the next episode.