We have helped and sold the best quality, affordable, beautiful homes and properties to our clients and partners. We achieve this, by making our clients and parners home sparkle and following the five Golden Rule that govern Pacific Realty Partners.

  1. Customer Satisfaction First and Foremost
  2. Commitment to the Highest Quality of Service
  3. Continuous Improvement of Services and Processes
  4. Concise and Prompt Communication
  5. Can-Do Attitude

Customer Satisfaction

Our clients are our lifeline. Without you we are nothing and can do nothing. Therefore meeting your needs is our number one priority.

Commitment to the Highest Quality of Service

In a very competitive world, no business practitioner can afford complacency. The competition is fierce and only those who devoted to the highest standards flourish, all things being equal. We believe that people do business with those whom they know, like and trust. At Pacific Realty Partners we create and nurture relationships for the long haul.

Continuous Improvement of Services and Processes

No one is perfect, that’s a fact we are too familiar with. However, this axiom should not deter us from striving to make tomorrow better than today.

That’s why, at Pacific Realty Partners, we are eternally committed to continuous improvement of our processes and the services we offer to our clients and affiliates.

Concise and Prompt Communication

One of the core reasons why relationships fall apart and why business partnerships break up is miscommunication. At Pacific Realty Partners, we want to make sure that the communication lines are open all the time and that what we believe others are trying to communicate to us is exactly what they intend to communicate. No presumptions are entertained here. If you mix concision with promptness, you get a communication line that is crystal clear.

Can-Do Attitude

If it has been done before, then we can do it. If it looks impossible, perhaps there’s a way we can make it possible. In any case, if we can’t do it in-house then we’ll partner with someone who can and you can expect the same quality of service delivery.

Finally, the ancient Golden Rule is our guiding principle. Do Onto Others What You Expect Them to Do Onto You. Typically, we all expect people to treat us with respect, to be kind and gentle to us. That’s the basis of all lasting relationships


Our Company is a Real Estate Brokerage Firm Licensed In the State of California BRE#: 01859043.

Paul LeJoy (CEO)

Our company is led by Paul LeJoy, founder, CEO and broker.  Paul has a passion for success, for laying down his life for others, for going the extra mile and for living out the Golden Rule that is enshrined in the 5 C’s that govern Pacific Realty Partners.